Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday 5/20/09 - Lobster Bake!!!

Even though there was swordfish in the fridge defrosting for dinner, the special on lobsters ($5.99/lb) and little necks (3 doz/$10) was too good to pass up and I decided on an impromptu lobster bake!

This was my first attempt at ever cooking lobsters at home and while I was confident I could drop them in the water...when it came time I ended up screaming for some help! One started to move when I touched it and I instantly dropped it and couldn't get the nerve to pick it back up again.

Since everything was just boiled or steamed it was a pretty easy dinner to make...... I ended up using hand towels as "napkins" so the clean up wasn't too bad either. Unfortunately we still do not have any crackers / pickers which means I had to break open the claw with a hammer again! Oh well at least I got everything out. I steamed the lobsters by putting about 2" of water in a large pan adding a good shake of salt to the water and then bringing it to a boiling while covered with the lobsters and clams inside. It took about 10-15 min for it to come to a rolling boil and the clams to open.

The baby red potato were quartered and then boiled with some old bay seasoning. I wish that I had gotten some corn on the cob but I had already passed through the produce when the idea struck.

Though I don't use any butter, my new little bowls from the Crate and Barrel outlet came in handy for melting some butter for Jeremy.

Everything was really delicious and left us both wishing that we had gotten an extra one or two to make up some lobster salad for lunch tomorrow!


ldanca said...

looks delicious- I hope everyone enjoyed it

Hamptons Clambake said...

A lobster is a fine treat for any occasion. Make sure that you serve it with lemon butter sauce accompanied by a traditional baked potato for a complete meal.

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