Sunday, May 17, 2009

Monday 5/11/09

This week is a short one as we are leaving for CT on Wednesday evening and I have work events all week.... luckily the freezer is stocked up for just such occasions as I skipped out on going grocery shopping.

Tonight we had a bit of everything - some Gnocci ala Sorrento and Mushroom flatbread pizza from Trader Joe's with a nice fresh garden salad (w/ balsamic dressing) on the side to add a touch of fresh veggies to dinner. I really love this flatbread pizza - it has some great flavors and tastes so nice and earthy because of the mushroom blend. Because of the thin crust and high heating temp, this pizza comes out of the oven nice and crispy and delicious. The Gnocci also is nice but its a pretty small serving- if it was all you were eating I don't think you could split it.