Sunday, May 24, 2009

5/23/09 - Steak and Green Beans

Since we had fish for the past two nights, we decided to go for a bit of red meat tonight, the last two steaks from our custom butchered side! Our freezer is officially running low! It was a bit sad but I am sure that I can find a way to get the freeze re-stocked soon (Fairway was also running the $5.99 special last week so I might have to wait a few.)

This dinner was very simple as I didn't want to do anything to ruin the natural taste of the steaks, so there was no real seasoning except a bit of salt and pepper. They were cooked on the grill pan which was pre-heated till it was very hot and they instantl seared once I dropped them on - about 5 min each side. Unfortunately my steak (pictured above) was a bit thinner than the others and was maybe done a bit more than I like. The other one was very juicy and perfectly med-rare though.
The string beans were snapped to remove the ends and then boiled in salted water for about 10 min. Since the steaks were served plain I used a raspberry chipotle sauce (by Fischer & Weiser) on the string beans to give the dish some sweet & smokiness.
The raspberry chipotle sauce definitely gave everyting a kick and was very tasty.

An all too common sight in our house at dinner time..... me shutting of the smoke alarm! It seems that this alarm is a bit too close to the kitchen as anytimeI sear something or use the oven it goes off!