Tuesday, May 5, 2009

archive entry: monday 5/4/09: Empty Fridge Special

Since my blog just started I thought it would be nice to go back and look at some recent things I have made....even though this is quite easy I figure its good to have a mix of different types of food that I make as not every meal needs to be complicated.

The salmon was taken out of the freezer with intentions of being Sunday's dinner but after a trip to Ikea and then for curtains we ended up just making some quinoa and chicken sausage. So two fillets of salmon and not much else were in the fridge, I only had some green beans left over from my trip to Fairway last week so that made picking my sides an easy task....

The final outcome was salmon fillets (marinaded in Chipotle & Ancho Vinegrette by Cindy's Kitchen http://www.cindyskitchen.biz/). On the side we had green beans with a little soy & sesame and some tri-color orzo with S&P and earth balance