Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tuesday 5/20/09 - LaMarca Pasta Restaurant & Duff McKagen

Tonight Jeremy was shooting Duff McKagen's (formerly of Guns'n'Roses and Velvet Revolver) new band Loaded. Since I didn't have anything going on I decided to come with him and make a litle date of it. We fist were thinking of going down to MaryAnn's for some mexican and sangria however since it was close to show time we ended up local to the Blender Theater (23rd & Lex). Though we have been saying for months that we are going to try the Pizza Pub however I was in the mood for something a little more exciting than a slice of cheese. When we walked by LaMarca Pasta I was interested - cute couples and groups enjoying some nice looking pasta dishes. I assumed that it was all home made (as it was a pasta only restaurant) however after examination (ie I spotted a box of Barilla on the counter in the open kitchen) I am not sure this is true.

I had the Involitini w the asparagus cream sauce and he had the manicotti (I think?). The portions were actually a normal size - not a giant pile of pasta that is 3 days worth of food! However the sauces were a bit lacking. While the price was right ($40.10 for 2 pastas and 2 sodas...also served w/ a salad and roll) I don't think that I will be rushing back as I could make 10 days worth of jarred sauce and dry pasta for that amount.

The band Loaded however was a lot more interesting - as one of my first "metal" shows it was basically what I expected.... loud, leather-clad, mostly male, cheesy band names (spider rocket?) and a side of deep knee bending guitar shreds. Loaded was actually quite good (though I still kept in my ear plugs until the final rock montage- iggy pop, stones, GnR, zz top, journey, ac/dc etc) but unfortunately the opening bands weren't really my style.

Also to the way too the drunk (?) to stand up girl who was rocking out and lost her balance and almost ripped my shirt of when she used me to break her fall....... haha you got what you deserved! (she was carried out swinging and legs flailing by some guy I assumed to be the bouncer and missed Loaded)