Sunday, May 24, 2009

5/23/09 - Eggs Benedict - unstructured

Since I made up a good amount of hollandaise sauce I have been dreaming of making my own eggs Benedict for breakfast on the weekend. This Saturday morning seemed ideal (though of course it was a bit delayed as we had to go for a quick run first). Unfortunately we didn't really have all the necessary supplies so there was some improvising - bacon for ham (yum) and pita rounds for an english muffin (not as sucessful)

As the hollandaise sauce was already made and just needed 30 sec in the microwave this breakfast wasn't harder than usual.

I cooked bacon on my grill pan (about 10 -15 min on med heat - flipping once) as its the largest flat surface I have - this worked wonderfully as usually I try to fit way to many slices in my frying pan and they get all tangled and crowded! Also due to the grooves, the grease was easily removed.

To poach the eggs I used a tip I learned a bit ago after many unsucessful attempts at poaching - use a shallow pan (ie frying pan), add a bit of white vinegar (1-2 tbsp) to the water and always crack the egg in a small bowl and slide it in the pan carefully (once the water is simmering). Cook for about 5 min and then removed with a slotted spoon.

To serve I layered the pita, eggs, bacon and then a bit of hollandaise sauce with some fresh pepper.

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s(b.) said...

I just realized I could use my Foreman (George) grill to make bacon. duh. I have a nice one with removable plates for easy cleaning. I love it.

sarah b. (from gotv boards)

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