Thursday, May 7, 2009

5/6/09 - International No-Diet day

Wednesday was International No-Diet Day - this is the day for everyone around the world to reject the all to common "diet".... for most women, at least, its a subject that is constantly on their mind. No matter what size you might be I would say that most women still have "those last 5 lbs to lose". For some people this stress and pressure to be thinner and thinner leads to some very unhealthy and risky behavior.... and this doesn't always mean starving oneself. So for one day let go of the guilt!

You are a wonderful and beautiful person regardless of your size and you deserve to be loved. Forget about get thin quick and start learning about respecting your body and repairing your relationship with food.

check out for some more info on No diet day and some links to sites about the dangers of dieting