Sunday, May 17, 2009

Friday 5/15/09 - Lobster Rolls and Japanese Steak house!

Whenever I am home visiting my parents I can always count on having a few great meals. This visit was no exception!
Jeremy, me, my mom and dad

Even though I was only in town for a little more that 48 hours I managed to fit in a trip Belle Isle Seafood ( right on the bridge in East Boston, MA for some fresh seafood! This tiny hole in the wall seafood stand doesn't disappoint. We (mom, dad, sister, Jeremy and I) split some crab cakes, fried clams and onion rings to start and then dug into enormous lobster rolls. Though they don't look that impressive in the bag, wait until you unwrap it and see the amount of fresh lobster meat chunks stuffed into a hot dog roll (over a 1/2 lb of meat I think!) My only suggestion to make it better is to bring your own chair so you can sit outside on the bridge and enjoy the salty air.

onion ring volcano

Later that night we went to one of my all time favorites from my childhood.... Bisuteki, a Japanese ( We weren't the only ones craving some Japanese with a side of silly stunts as we ran into some of our cousins who were just finishing up their dinner (unfortunately our chef seemed to need some more practice getting the shrimp tails into his hat!)
I had the Fillet Mignon and Shrimp dinner and stole a few bites of the Scallops as well.

Dinner comes with a clear mushroom soup which I love but can't seem to replicate correctly, and a side salad with that delicious ginger dressing as well as a scoop of ginger ice cream at the end. It might not be the most sophisticated or innovative meal but its always a good time and reliable food.