Monday, May 18, 2009

5/18/09 - fillet mignon and broccoli w hollandaise

Mmmmm.... yummy steak! and thanks to Cousin Richie who taught me how to test meat for doneness by comparing to the flesh of your hand when clenched in a fist they were perfect medium rares!

Since the softball game went much longer than expected (extra innings were played in the local bar apparently) I got to eat it all! (yes a bit of a piggy but it was so good I couldn't stop)

The steaks (fillets cut from a large hunk of meat we bought at stew leonard's back in early april- the butcher shop cleaned, trimed and custom cut it for us at no charge...and at $5.99/lb what a steal) were about 8-12 oz each raw and just delicious. On one side of one steak I used a beef and burger rub I bought this weekend but I have to say I didn't like it.... too much celery taste for me.

I used our new-ish grill pan which I LOVE for all types of meats and fish.... if you don't have one run down to your closest home goods and get one of these immediately!

after heating the pan for about 3 min on high to get it really hot I placed the steaks on the pan and let them sit without touching them for about 5 min on each side (heat turned to med/high) The steak was perfect for me - still red in the middle but nice and warm through-out. As you can see from the juice on the plate however I didn't wait a few minutes to let them rest and re-absorb the juices as it was almost 10 PM and I was starving!

The broccoli was steamed and then about 3 tbsps of hollandaise sauce was poured on top. The green veggies really helped to cut the richness of the sauce and they were perfect together..... and still a lot left over - I might have to make some eggs benedict this weekend.... any one in the JC area at about 10 AM saturday