Sunday, January 29, 2012

Garlic and Ginger Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts seem to have leaped from those slimy green things that your mom forced you to eat before you could have dessert to the trendiest menu item in recent years. While some of their popularity is due to all the health benefits that cruciferous vegetables have been credited with, much of it comes from how delicious they are when roasted until they have a bit of carmelization. I enjoy most roasted vegetables, in fact I often dream of being one of those super-organized people who not only menu plan but also clean, cook and pack up a weeks worth of roasted veggies on the weekends. But I will probably stick to cursing at my stove to hurry up as a snack on crackers while waiting for my dinner at 9:30 pm, since my weekends tend to revolve around a nap.

The best thing about roasting vegetables is that you barely even need a recipe, though many do use some yummy fat like bacon or pancetta to flavor the veggies and give a richer taste. While I really do love bacon, sometimes I am looking for a recipe that is a bit lighter which is why I decided to skip the bacon and head straight for the spice cabinet.