Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Friday 7/10/09 - Shell Steak and Fava Beans

Wow.... its been a while - I have been on the road a bit and haven't been posting however I do have a lot of pictures to put up! July was a very busy month with festivals on 3 weekends in a row (camp bisco, gathering of the vibes and all points west). Add in a family wedding and you have a blogging disaster.
This dinner was pretty simple with some nicely grilled boneless Shell Steaks with a side of steamed broccoli (thanks to my new Ikea steamer) and and some left over Tabbouleh. I topped the steaks with some Peter Luger steak sauce as they weren't as tasty as I had hoped.

Later in the evening I made up some Fava beans spiced up with some seasonings as a late night snack. Fave beans have a bit of an intensive prep as you must remove them from the pod, then blanch them and remove the outer shell. I then tossed these in a hot pan with some oil, salt and pepper to give them a but of a bite.