Monday, August 31, 2009

8/31/09 - Lobster Boil..... hopefully not the last of the season!

Tonight we had a guest over but as always I couldn't pass up lobsters on sale at Fairway so after a quick call to determine her thoughts on lobster (a definitive yes.... though later she did admit that this was her first time eating one whole) I had four (one extra for salad tomorrow) 3lb lobsters in my cart ready to go. Of course no lobster boil is complete with out a few dozen little necks and some corn and potatoes. What kinda New Englander would I be with out a proper lobster boil

After amusing ourselves with lobster races across the counter we noticed there was one thing missing..... a pot large enough to cook everything at once! So instead of an easy one pot supper tonight ended up using quite the jumble of pots and pans to fit everything. We do have some vegetarian friends however so it was probably best to keep the corn and potatoes from the shellfish.
The lobsters went into my largest soup pot two at a time while the clams were steamed in some shallot and white wine. Corn and red potatoes were boiled up and served with some butter and old bay seasoning. Not as pretty as the blues from last night but still local (I did an epic run through the farmers market on the way home from work buying peaches, potatoes, tomatoes and corn in less than 5 min flat!)

About 20 min later it was lobster cracking time! Lets just say the clean up efforts lasted longer than the feasting..... however after removing lobster spray from all 4 walls of the kitchen everyone seems to be relaxing fully satisfied.