Tuesday, August 11, 2009

7/30 & 31/09 - Summer Salads

With the CSA in full swing the fridge is full of some delicious veggies...my only problem is finding the time to use them all! My only complaint is that we still haven't gotten any tomatoes! Apparently there is some issue with crop this year (a tomato blight) but my farm hasn't mentioned that - just complaints about the wet weather.

This first salad was a mix of CSA lettuce, cucumbers, carrots topped with some delicious blue cheese from Artisanal Cheese and some balsamic vinegrette.

This next salad is a Caprese Salad, delicious Jersey Tomatoes from Stony Hill Farm and some fresh Mozzarella from Hoboken Farms both who are fixtures at the local farmer's market along with some fresh basil from the CSA and some nice olive oil, balsamic and salt & pepper....simple and delicious!