Sunday, August 30, 2009

8/30/09 - Marinaded Pork Medallions with Purple Potatoes and Peppers

The purple peppers in this weeks CSA batch were quite the surprise. I also learned this week that peppers are considered nightshades like eggplants and tomatoes! I also have tomatillos (another nightshade) from this delivery that I need to roast as well but the heat makes me reluctant to use the oven. I had quite the array of pots and pans out today however so I am not sure it would have made a difference. The star of tonight's dinner was the nice fresh corn that is really perfect right now. We have been getting ears at the market each week as I can't resist the barrels full.

Tonight's dinner was a simple bottle marinade (Papaya, Champagne and Molasses) in the pork tenderloin for about an hour prior, then in the grill pan on each of its 4 sides for about 7 min each (with a cover on the grill pan) and then cut into thick slices and placed back on the grill for 4 min per side. I think I might try to cut it before I cook it next time however as it will be even less time with all the burners going. The purple potatoes were cubed and boiled then added to some sauteed mixed peppers and red onion. I finally have whole corn to show as my other pots were occupied and I didn't have to split them in half.

And yet another tomato salad with the remaining arugula. I can't help slicing up these nice fresh tomatoes as they don't last forever. I think that I will end up with another chance to photograph another version of the cubed, caprese salad from smitten kitchen before the end of the week.

The purple pepper meeting its demise