Sunday, August 16, 2009

8/16/09 Steak.... again

OK so I am definitely not complaining but since I bought the full fillet Mignon side we have had a LOT of steak. It freezes well and is easy to make with minimal prep and cooking (which is important when its 90+ and you live on the 3rd floor).
The only CSA veggie that made it onto tonight's plate was the cucumber in the mini-salad ... still hoping that we might get a tomato or two!

I can't really claim too much skill here... the steaks were done on the grill pan, the wild rice blend (trader joe's) in the rice cooker and the broccoli was steamed with a side of lime (no lemons in the house!) I also included a little tomato and cucumber with some salt, pepper and balsamic on the side.
Pretty easy and dinner was finished by the time True Blood came on!