Tuesday, August 11, 2009

7/31/09 - Surf & Turf Dinner

Finally I was able to get some more delicious steaks! Fairway Market in Paramus has a whole Fillet Mignon for $6.99/lb which was $1 more than I wanted to pay but since I haven't been able to find any other steaks that I like I figured it was worth it. The butcher at the counter was able to trim and cut the full Fillet into some nice steaks for us to grill up at home. No steak sauce needed for these beauties!

I served the steak with Zucchini and Squash ribbons sauteed with some garlic greens and an onion. I also grilled up a few jumbo shrimp with a dash of Old Bay Seasoning to give a little spice to the dish.

Since I had all the making of a Caprese salad I also made this mini version with some garlic toasts that were made from a sliced brioche loaf with some olive oil, finely diced garlic and a small pat of butter to top it before placing it in the oven at 350 for about 10 min. The crunchy bread and the soft mozzarella was a perfect combo!