Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday 6/17/09 - Seafood Risotto

A certain vegetarian friend was planning on coming over tonight for dinner so I was trying to think about something I could make that would work for all of us. While I love to eat my veggies (and even made a special trip to the farmers market to get something fresh) it just doesn't seem right to be serving just vegetables for company.... crazy I know but I just feel like I need a meat or fish.

This risotto was going to be a compromise. I planned to make it vegetarian and then cook the seafood separately (bay scallops and shrimp) and then those who wanted it could add it in. But as it turns out we ate alone so I ended up cook it all together (and good thing cause I forgot to buy veggie broth).

Risotto isn't too hard however it does take a bit more time and attention than other dinners. Especially as someone who is used to pan-searing foods for 5 min or so spending 25 min stirring can be a lifetime when your hungry.

1 c aborio rice
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp butter
1 carton chicken broth
2 small texas sweet onions- sliced & quartered
4" onion greens - diced
10 mushrooms - sliced thin
1/2 lb shrimp - peeled and deveined
1 lb bay scallops
1 tbsp bay seasoning
handful of dill (reserve a tbsp for garnish)
salt & pepper

1) heat chicken broth in sauce pan to a simmer
2) place oil and butter in hot wok pan on med high
3) add rice and toast until it begins to pop - about 5-7 min (or longer for more rice)
4) add about 1/2 c of the warmed chicken broth and stir until all absorbed - repeat until all broth is gone and absorbed in (about 4-5 additions taking about 5-7 min each)
5) in a separate saute pan - add the scallops, shrimp and bay season and let brown (about 3 min and flip)
6) add the onions & mushrooms and saute until soft
7) combine rice and seafood mix - add dill, salt & pepper to taste
8) serve with some fresh dill to garnish

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Carlorla said...

one thing I do when I make shrimp risotto is boil the shells that I clean from the shrimp and use the broth as the first liquid- I also sautee the onions and shrimp in the oil first then remove the shrimp and hold aside until rice is almost done - I made it SAt nite and it was a big hit

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