Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sunday 6/14/09 breakfast - hangover cure!

Two days after my party and I still wasn't really up to doing much besides hanging out on the couch but since Pilates didn't have an appointment for us I decided to cook up whatever I had in the house (including the last of the thick sliced bacon! yum)

(sorry for the fuzzy pic... wrong setting on my camera apparently!)

The standard hangover cure is, of course, a stack of bacon! Mmmmm nothing better to get a rumbly tummy in order. The pile of eggs were cooked up by first sauteing some onion greens (CSA), broccoli (left over crudite plate), campari tomatoes and mushrooms. I made a mixture of about 6 eggs with a splash of milk and a pinch of fresh dill. I cooked the eggs in somewhat of a frittata style (low heat with the cover on) and topped them with some pico de gallo and shredded cheddar cheese. It may not look as nice as the omelets that I make in my 9" omelet pan but it was a lot faster and easier than making up his and then mine (the only draw back to the small pan- its single serving! but it sure does look pretty)

To complete the plate a few handfuls of baby red potatoes were quartered and then cut in half again and boiled up. Then pan fried in the bacon grease the remained in the pan after the majority was poured off and discarded. I added some of the sweet texas onion (CSA) and seasoning (salt, pepper, spanish paprika & garlic powder).

With a breakfast like this lunch is definitely on hold indefinitely!