Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday 6/9/09 - Tuna Steaks and shrimp on the grill pan... with seasons first spinach!

After having steak on sunday and mexican take out on monday (mmmmm heady burritos!) I thought it might be a good idea to have a bit of a healthier meal since we have the Clapton/Winwood concert on wednesday which probably means some sort of snack on the run. Fairway had 16 count shrimp on sale for $5.99/lb and soft shell crabs for $3.99 so I knew tonight was going to be seafood.

Unfortunately the soft shell crabs were sold out (the poor guy at the fish counter was getting blasted by this soccer mom who was not happy about that!) so I used some tuna I had in the freezer to supplement the shrimp. This is actually a really simple and plain dinner.... I didn't really have time to make up a huge marinade as I also made meatballs and sauce for lasagna later this week (see post below) so that took up most of my cooking attention and counter space.

The tuna was seared on the grill pan for about 3-5 min per side (and post photo it was drizzled with the Ancho Chipotle Vinegrette I have mentioned before). I like my tuna raw but warm-ish in the middle and this was just about perfect. I wish I got a better crust on it but it was still delicious. The shrimp had the shell removed except for the tail and sprinkled with some Old Bay Seasoning and also placed on the grill pan edges and flipped after about 3 min.

The spinach was from my first batch of CSA deliveries. Jeremy was kind enough to go and pick it up at 11 am today and I was anxiously awaiting getting home to check it out! As always it was delicious if very dirty.... it took 3 + soaks in water to get all the dirt and grit off the spinach but it was tender and tasty - sauteed up with just about 1 tbsp olive oil and a sprinkle of salt and pepper to season it.

Oh and there is a scoop of greek pasta salad courtesy of our trip to BJs. Something about giant containers of food that just makes it irresistible.

(also 2 pints of pickles were obtained from fairway..... one is already half way empty... you would think we have a house full of pregnant women** the way we go through pickles and ice cream!)

** there are no actual pregnant women in the house! you can stop hyperventilating mom!