Friday, June 19, 2009

Thursday 6/18/09 - more burgers... and a steak to share

Jeremy was suppose to have Softball tonight but since the east coast has temporarily been moved into the middle of the rainforest yet another game was cancelled. I had a steak for me but nothing else in the house really and since we are going on vacation I didn't want to buy anything (not to mention the rain makes me melt so I couldn't go outside!) so we had the left over burgers from earlier in the week.
Jeremy took a pic of his since it was a lot nicer looking. I only used one slice of bread and no mayo (yuck!).... I wish we had rolls but I only bought two when I was shopping since I figured this would just be dinner on Tuesday night. This time I did blue cheese crumbles on top instead of the swiss (though its hidden under all the condiments anyways) .
We also shared this lovely steak. I never really go for steaks with the bone in however these looked good and more importantly were on sale.... for $8.99/ lb we go a hugh hunk of meat!
As always this was cooked to a barely medium rare...and was delicious! (this is just my half the whole thing was more than twice that size with a big bone down the back)