Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday 6/28/09 - Saigon Cafe Jersey City

Today we took a walk around boarded up Hamilton Park (new sidewalks and curbs and seems like a lot of the drainage pipes are in) then swung by the new bakery on jersey but yet again it was closed! I swear I have the worst luck with that place -- my third try to get some treats and still empty handed. Seems they are open tomorrow so maybe I will have to make a better effort. We headed back down Newark Ave to check out the redevelopment project (new streetscape) and perhaps a few appetizers one of the thai/sushi places. As we were walking I pointed out Saigon Cafe as I had heard it was quite good and so we decided to check out the menu outside. The summer specials included about 5 or 6 things that sounded delicious (soft shell crab, blue crab fried rice, mahi mahi, NJ tomato...yum). After agonizing over the menu we decided on the spring rolls & chicken satay, both served with veggies to make fresh wraps, to start. Followed by beef rendang and one of the summer specials stuffed NJ tomato- which turned out to be a tomato shell stuffed with pork and in a tomato soup.
Everything was so delicious and really fresh tasting. I loved my meal and the coconut in the beef dish was amazing. We took a takeout menu home and I can't wait to order from here.