Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday 6/16/09 - Mushroom Swiss Burgers

During my trip to Fairway this evening, I had an idea for a fun little dinner. None of the meat or fish really jumped out at me but I did like the look of the sign for steak burgers. Instead of normal ground meat they had ground sirloin and I couldn't resist. At first I asked for a 1/2 lb but then decided that a little extra would be better.

I made the patties up with some onions greens (CSA), garlic greens (CSA) and a few tbsp of beef & burger rub (better in burgers than it was as a beef rub). I made the burgers a bit too fat and round rather than big and flat but they were about 1/4 lb each (though the rolls dwarf them). They were cooked up in the grill pan of course! Two slices of swiss cheese topped each burger.
The mushrooms were sliced thin and sauteed in some oil and then a splash of dark beer was added to flavor them a bit. The spinach went into the same pan as the mushrooms (the mushrooms went into a bowl) and was sauteed up as well.
The bun was lightly toasted and topped with ketchup and even a bit of mustard (I skipped on the mayo which Jeremy liberally applied).
I ended up putting my spinach right in the bun and making it a spinach, mushroom and swiss burger.... I wish we hadn't finished off the pickles last night!