Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Monday June 1, 2009 - Grand Sichuan

After having no good option for Chinese Food in Jersey City for 2 years (I ordered from Hoboken) Grand Sichuan came to town. This "chain" has 4 or 5 restaurants in NYC area and specializes in the spicy cuisine of the Sichuan area. Some of these dishes are HOT! I can't even come close to eating them but my all think spicy loving boyfriend enjoys testing his taste buds so its our regular go to for chinese. Since I was far from recovered from the weekend (and a car accident in the morning had left me a bit shaken) we had all the making of a night on the couch with takeout. Jeremy's brother was also in town so we got to order a few more things than usual.

We started with Shanghi Vegetable Roll (Jeremy ate both!), Pork Soup Dumplings (not the best but far from the worst - the skin is a bit too thick), Sichuan Wonton in Red Oil (OUCH! mouth on FIRE!) and some wonton soup (good wontons but nothing else in the soup but broth - I tend to like it when there are some veggies in there as well)

For main dishes we got the tea smoked duck which I have read many rave reviews on - now I don't like duck so I can't comment but Jeremy and his brother didn't seem too impressed, Pan Fried Prawn Chinese Style (this was my pick and it was very nice - lots of veggies in there!) and Sauteed and Pan Fried Chicken (very interesting sauce with a hint of peanut and black pepper which actually complemented the chicken nicely)

As usual I may have over ordered but I am looking forward to some left overs for lunch!

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gordonjer said...

The food from Grand Sichuan is always yummy!

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