Thursday, February 25, 2010

2/14/10 - Ad Hoc fried chicken tenders

I know this Valentines day post is a little late and definitely not traditional. We skipped the chocolate and steaks for a fried chicken trial with some friends. We were at Brooklyn Bowl that week and I had to try the Blue Ribbon fried chicken. Last time I stole a bit of a chicken wing and I wasn't really impressed but the fried chicken...loved it! I wanted to do my own take of it and serious eats featured a recipe from the new cookbook Ad Hoc at Home and I was sold.

I am not the biggest fan of eating chicken off the bone and well chicken tenders are just so bite size and easy. I only brined the chicken tenders for about 6 hrs since they are much smaller than full chicken pieces. Even without any skin the crunchy layer of crust was so delicious we all fought over those pieces with crusty little almost burned chunks at the edges. I served the tenders with a few types of sauce (Buffalo, Sweet BBQ, Honey, Chipotle mustard, honey mustard) but they honestly didn't need anything as they were super tasty on their own.

Thomas Keller's Ad Hoc's Fried Chicken