Thursday, March 4, 2010

2/25/10 - Snow Day Chicken Soup

Even though its well past Groundhog's day it seems that winter isn't going away here in New Jersey. We have been luck enough to have most of the storms skip over our area since we are right on the coast... but this one was a different story. It started snowing early on Thursday and went all day and night until Friday late night. We ended up with more than a foot which leads to a messy city (and more than 2 trips to the car to dig it out)! Since I was stuck in the house I was so thankful that I had some fresh broth and got started on this.

Winter Chicken Soup
4 -6 c chicken stock (I made mine from the roasted chicken I made on sunday)
1/2 c diced celery
1 c diced carrots
1/2 c diced onion
2 cans canellini beans - drained and rinsed
1 diced zucchini
2 c sliced mushrooms
2 c diced chicken
2 tbsp diced cilantro
2 tbsp diced parsley
2 c cooked ditalini pasta (for best tasting soup cook pasta separately)
1 tbsp oil

1) saute carrots, celery and onions in heated large pot with oil
2) once soft, add broth and let simmer together for 15 min
3) add zucchini, mushrooms, chicken and herbs - let simmer 45 min
4) add pasta and season with salt & pepper