Saturday, March 13, 2010

3/8/10 - Seared Tuna with Side Salad

The healthy eating continues with today's dinner. I saw the most beautiful tuna steaks in Stew Leonard's the other day and even though they ended up costing me $30 I still feel like I made out on the meal since it was worth much more than $15 each. My favorite part of eating at home is that you can usually afford a much higher quality of food when you are willing to spend the time cooking (and cleaning up!) yourself.

Don't get me wrong I love eating out and get some of my best inspirations come from restaurant meals. But when it comes to a simple seared tuna steak I am glad that this is easily made in my own kitchen.


Danielle said...

I love seared tuna anyway I can get it. My favorite thing to do is drizzle it with a little sesame oil, sea salt, black pepper and roll it in sesame seeds before I sear it. The seeds give it a little crunch and the flavors go very well together. For that I would pay $15.00 a steak for!
Good for you to be trying to eat healthier and at home!

Carla said...

yum that sounds great! and unfortunately I think the brownies that I made when we were 'stuck' inside with the rain may have canceled out this salad but I think every good choice helps

Missy said...

Mmm looks good - what was involved with all that... seasoning, salad, dressing, sauce, etc?

Carla said...

Missy -- looks like there is one of my favorite local dressings on the salad Cindy's Kitchen Ancho & Chipotle dressing (I find them in the fridge case at fairway in brooklyn)
the tuna has on a seasoning blend called Jane's crazy mixed up seasoning salt

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