Tuesday, March 16, 2010

3/9/10 - Cider Brined Chicken

Even on work nights, roasting a chicken is do-able as long as you have prepped in advance. I brined this chicken overnight and then stuffed it with citrus, garlic and herbs, then trussed it and rubbed it down with olive oil and herbs de Provence before sticking it into a 400F oven for an hour (and then at 350F for another hour).

This was my first time making this particular wild rice blend ( from Trader Joe's) which was a interesting black grain that had a great taste and texture. Since our guests are not the biggest vegetable fans I stuck with a simple string bean which was better received than the squash I served last visit.

The gravy was made using the dripping from the roasting pan (which I poured into a small sauce pan so it was easier to handle), the juice from the meat when I cut it, about 1 c of apple cider and seasoned with finely diced shallots, sage, herbs de Provance and salt & pepper with a sprinkle of Wondra flour to thicken it up.


Danielle said...

This could be good. What did you brine in and where does the cider come in? Am I just being dense? It's definitely a possibility :).

Carla said...

don't worry about it Danielle... this is the second or third time I have posted this one so I didn't include a ton of info (I love this recipe so you'll probably see it again too!)

here is the original post with more details http://carlastastytreats.blogspot.com/2009/09/91309-cider-roasted-chicken.html

basically I use about 2 c each apple cider & water along with a 1/4 c of kosher salt, bay leaves, peppercorns and herbs (parsley) to brine the chicken overnight. I generally brine my chickens in a 2 gal zip top bag places inside a large bowl (to hold it upright)

After brining, I rinse the chicken and stuff it with a quartered orange, more herbs (parsley, thyme, etc) and garlic then truss it. Finally I rub it down with oil and herbs and then stick it in the oven

if you need more info let me know! this tastes so good its worth the extra steps!

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