Wednesday, March 31, 2010

3/31/10 - Roasted Tomatillo & Red Pepper salsa

After spending a week on the couch I was ready to get back in my kitchen and decided that I wanted something light and fresh. On our shopping trip on Sunday to get more medicine, I bought a few ingredients but they ended up sitting in the fridge during my relapse. Over the past few summers I have received tomatillos from my CSA and since it is just about time to send my check in I have been thinking of all the wonderful veggies of the summer (and trying to perhaps pick out some seed suggestions for the farm as well!) It was only this past year that I really learned how to use this green tomato-like veggie (technically a gooseberry) by roasting them to make a delicious salsa.
This is a mild version that is actually somewhat sweet because of the use of the red peppers however a bit of jalapeno and a nice handful of cilantro keeps it in check. While this salsa can be served alone with chips you can also use it as an accent to many dishes including this seared mahi mahi. I added a side of green beans and an Isreali couscous with veggies (finely diced broccoli, peppers, onions, mushrooms, scallions, parsley and a squeeze of lemon)

Roasted Tomatillo & Red Pepper Salsa
5 large tomatillos - paper removed, washed and cut into 8ths
1 red pepper - washed and rough chopped
1/2 red onion - rough chopped
2 tbsp oil
salt & pepper
1/2 jalapeno - diced (add seeds for more heat)
1 large handful cilantro

1) Toss tomatillos, peppers and onions in oil.
2) Season with salt & pepper
3) Roast in 350 F oven for 35 -45 min or until charred spots begin to form
4) Cool and place in a bowl
5) Add jalapeno and cilantro
6) Using immersion blender, combine ingredients - let some chunks of peppers and onion remain
7) Season to taste with salt & pepper 


Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful and very versatile!

Carla said...

thanks Danielle! I am thinking that it would be great as the sauce on a cold mexican-flavored summer pasta/potato salad....definitely more exciting than mayo!

Amy B. said...

Wow, food looks delicious and at the same time healthy. I love the color contrast, makes the food non-boring to eat! :-) good job

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