Wednesday, September 9, 2009

9/9/09 - Grass Fed Burgers

About 2 weeks ago I decided to visit the farmer's market on the other side of town in Van Vorst Park. While I wasn't too excited over most of the offerings, I decided that I did want to try the grass fed ground beef that was raised by one of the farmers. He has little bags made up and frozen that were 1 lb each and he said it was 95% lean.

These burgers are about 1/4 lb each and were topped with some swiss cheese, a blend of onions and peppers finely diced and a slice of fresh tomato. This burger was so much better than the greasy ones that I think most people are accustomed. Definitely a step up from the ones served at the truck outside my work!

Unfortunately I still have to work on getting my burger to match my bun size thought. I seem to make my burgers a little too thick! Perhaps 1/3 lb burgers would have fit better?

Any tips for proper burger patty size - it seems too thin when I make them flatter?


Dolce said...

Burger patty - have you tried refrigerating them before grilling, so they have time to "stay in shape"?

Carla said...

thanks for the idea Dolce! I will definitely have to try that next time.... I have also considered adding some bread crumbs for stability. I think the low fat % doesn't help the situation either

Dolce said...

What exactly do you have in your burger patties? Maybe that's the key as well...

Carla said...

in these.... just meat, salt & pepper - I usually like to spice it up with some peppers and onions but since I paid a good amount for the beef I figured I should let that be the star for the night

I always laugh at those patty formers they sell in kitchen stores but I guess they do have a use

Velva said...

A good brush of olive oil, fresh ground black pepper and Kosher salt is all that is needed to make a great burger.
I really liked that you posted about grass fed beef. I don't have access to grass fed beef at my farmer's market but, there is a farm that I have been wanting to visit to purchase grass fed beef. Your blog post inspired to check it out sooner.

Carla said...

The fresh grass fed beef made a big difference in these burgers. Unlike the heavy feeling I often get after eating a normal cheese burger, I was amazed at how much I enjoyed this one. I might have to make a trip back over to that market as it is worth the early wake-up call on a Saturday morning to enjoy a burger like this at home.

Let me know how it comes out!

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