Friday, September 4, 2009

9/4/09 - Krave Truck at Grove PATH (Marin & Columbus Jersey City, NJ)

So food trucks are all the talk around town - from LA to NYC and cupcakes to dumplings, these low rent high taste establishments provide good eats on the go. Unlike your standard street cart, each truck has its own specialty leading to a fun tasty treat. With a write up in the NY Times on the Korean Taco craze in L.A, it seemed only fair we get one here in NYC as well but instead Krave Truck has taken up shop in Jersey City. After a failed attempt to check it out last week (apparently it isn't summer any more and it gets dark at 7:30 PM?) we used the start of the holiday weekend to peek at the artists stands outside the PATH and grab a tasting sampler of tacos.

We got 1 of each version of taco -sesame chicken (front), galbi short ribs (back right) and spicy pork (back left). I was a little scared of the kim chee quesadilla but after using the sauce (pureed kim chee?) on the tacos I wouldn't mind another taste. It definitely had a kick to it but more vinegar based and almost pickly than a chili pepper type spice which I liked.

In fact if it wasn't for the wait I might actually run back for another taste! Another JC treat with a line to match...... seems all the locals are excited


Dolce said...

Great! I really need to drag myself there and try it too :)

Carla said...

apparently they sold out soon after we stopped by! I can't wait to try it again

Izzy's Mama said...

I had no idea you had a blog!! And I can't believe you beat me to the Krave Truck. I am dying to try it. Maybe this weekend.

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