Tuesday, September 8, 2009

9/8/09 - Seared Tuna with mashed potatoes and wilted spinach

With all the feasting we did this weekend I wanted to try and make tonight's dinner a little lighter so we had a piece of tuna that I had in the freezer. I love tuna and enjoy it as sushi just as much as in any other form so I wanted to try and keep this nice and rare. I also cooked up some spinach that was planned for last week and I noticed it was wilted down to nothing. Since lunch was hours ago and the potatoes are filling up the CSA right now I figured I better stay on top of them and I made up some mashed potatoes (using my pastry cutter!)

I finally plated something that seems worthy of all the lovely dishes that I see so often on many blogs. I wish that I did a little bit better at my plating but for me I am often hungry by the time I finally get dinner started and on the table so convenience overrules aesthetics.

This dish was fairly easy to make and because I used sour cream and fresh parsley in the mashed potatoes it was quite tasty as well.There is a pre-made orange-carrot vinaigrette drizzled over the tuna for a little hint of asian flare.