Saturday, September 12, 2009

9/10/09- Restaurant Review - Another Thyme (Durham, NC)

I had the opportunity to visit Durham, North Carolina the other day. As I was walking around Brightleaf Square - an old tobacco warehouse turned public space I noticed a sandwich board advertising fresh figs stuffed with marscapone cheese and prosciutto. I recently discovered the amazing world of fresh figs so even the board across the street promising raw oysters couldn't compete for my attention.

Once I sat down I realized that the fresh figs were the just the beginning of spectacular dinner. Since I was dining alone (the downside of traveling for work) I decided that the best way to get a good sampling of all the dishes was to stick to the 1st course menu and save the entrees for another time. I stuck with the seasonal specials since I find that its always best to go with the chefs suggestions!
My first plate was the fresh North Carolina Figs stuffed with Marscapone and wrapped in Prosciutto served with a Balsamic reduction. This dish was so fresh and flavorful... I only wish that there was a bit more prosciutto as it was the best part of each bite.

The second course was Ginger Lime Tuna Tartare with Sliced European Cucumbers and Scallions. Since I am a huge tuna fan I couldn't say no to this dish, and it didn't disappoint. The delicious tuna had just the right amount of bite with slices of freshly pickled ginger amply spread about the plate. The soft creamy texture of the tartare with the crisp cucumber was a perfect pairing.

Finally, I decide on the homemade Gnocchi as this is another dish that is hard for me to pass up. I can't help but think back to my grandmother's kitchen and I am hoping to someday find something that replicates it. This dish had light, subtle flavors and didn't over power either of the previous courses. The dumplings were very light and airy which was a pleasant change from the small doughy rocks that are often sold as gnocchi.

I very much enjoyed my evening at Another Thyme and look forward to visiting again and trying out a few of the main entrees!