Saturday, September 5, 2009

9/5/09 - Steak Sandwiches

With the holiday weekend here we thought that NYC would be empty allowing us to take a quick trip over into Brooklyn to hit up the Fairway in Red Hook and finally get a slice of the much famed Grimaldi's Pizza. However we were wrong - very, very wrong. It seemed about 3/4 of Manhattan had the same idea and since we had a car full ($285!!!! ouch) of groceries (and somehow I forgot my cooler bag!) we couldn't justify waiting over 2 hours for some pizza..... no matter how good it might be! So after quick walk around the water front parks and a personal tour of some of the older building by my favorite architect back into the car and over the bridge we went. I don't know if its the economy or the late holiday that has so many people staying in the city. The line for Governor's Island ferry was outrageous spilling out into the street for what seemed like forever.

Back in Jersey City, groceries were unloaded, meats were packed for the freezer (2 beautiful beef tenderloins that are ready and waiting for a cool day!) and lobsters were boiled (for a lobster salad sandwich tomorrow after pilates). Since I bought a whole tenderloin there were a few small chunks that were left over from the steaks. Into the grill pan they went and this steak sandwich was born....

Steak Sandwich
1/4 lb per person steak (I used the leftover bits from a tenderloin but you can use many other types of cuts as well - about five 1" cubes per sandwich)
salt & pepper
1/2 green bell pepper - in slices
1/2 yellow bell pepper - in slices
1 red onion - sliced
1 small hot pepper - diced (I used a jalapeno)
1 tsp olive oil
2 slices swiss cheese per person
1 roll per person ( we had rolls from Eli's and they were amazing!)
condiments of choice (Jeremy used some ketchup and mayo.... I kept it plain)

1) heat olive oil in pan
2) add peppers and onions - saute until soft and starting to caramelize - do not let burn (10 min)
3) on hot grill pan - cook meat seasoned with salt and pepper on high heat until browned on all sides (5 min total)
4) toast rolls on edge of grill pan (or in toaster) until warm and crusty but not burnt
4) assemble sandwich - bottom roll, steak, slices of swiss, peppers and onions, condiments, top roll