Monday, November 9, 2009

10/29/09 Parmesean Crusted Swordfish w Roasted Potatoes and Spinach

Last week I was in Los Angeles (Long Beach to be exact) and it was swordfish season. The restaurant we went to had just about every variation on swordfish but since I am working hard to drop a few lbs before the new year I decided to skip over some of the more exotic dishes in favor of a beatiful but simple blackened swordfish w vegetables on the side. The one dish that had me agonizing however was the Parmesean crusted Swordfish so I decided that it would be on the menu ASAP once I got back. While I don't know that I would consider this "diet" food I am pretty sure it is lighter than the version served in restaurants however its still very tasty. As you might imagine I am not really a big fan of those diets that ask you to eat plain boring food (ie grilled boneless skinless chicken) day in and day out. I served my fish w some oven roasted poatoes (peeled, sliced and then brushed with some olive oil and a bit of salt & pepper) and sauteed spinach.

Parmesean Crusted Swordfish

2 swordfish fillets
1 egg - beaten
1/2 c parmesean cheese
1 tsp parsley
salt & pepper

4 tbsp oil

1) heat oil in a heavy pan
2) brush top side of the swordfish w the egg and sprinkle cheese and seasoning
3) gently flip over and repeat
4) carefully place in pan and allow crust to form - do not move while cooking (about 5 min per side depending on thickness)
5) gently flip over to brown other side by using spatula to slide completely under fish as to maintain parmesean crust
6) serve with a spoonful of marinara sauce and some italian cheese to top