Friday, July 9, 2010

7/7/10 - Fillet Mignon and Spring Pea & Mint Risotto

I have to admit there are some vegetables that even I won't go near. A few of them have gotten knocked off the list since I have been subscribing to my CSA (like my new 'favorite' beets). Fresh from the farm food is just so good that even a hater like me can't say no! But for a while now my dislike for peas had stood. Now, I love green beans and sugar snap peas and snow peas even fava beans! But those regular old peas which tend to find there way into so many cafeterias and hospital kitchens and usually live in the freezer section..... yuck! But then a mix up at the Farmer's Market changed this pea-hater's life forever - freshly shelled spring peas are nothing like those mushy green mystery objects in the Lunch Ladies meatloaf surprise...they actually taste good!

This classic recipe uses arborio rice that is first roasted then slowly cooked...with a lot of stirring to get its signature creamy texture. Check out this seafood risotto recipe for a more detailed look into make risotto. The big changes that I made were adding the onions right to the oil with the rice in the first step and of course there wasn't any seafood to saute on the side or add in. Instead I just added the peas at the last minute and then places the cover on while the meat rested so that they were just barely steamed and warmed up but still had a bit of a bite as to not be over cooked and mushy.

What are your "no way never, don't even let it touch my plate" veggies? or was there a meal than changed your mind about a certain food?