Friday, July 9, 2010

7/5/10 - Mint Mojito Sparkler

Tis' the season for yummy fruit based drinks, but if syrup-based margaritas and daiquiris are too much too handle try a lighter spin on another summer classic! This fresh tasting Mojito takes the traditional ingredients and gives them a bit more bubble while removing some of the sugar. I love adding seltzer to all of my drinks. It doesn't change the flavor profile and the added bubbles make me feel like I am sipping on an expensive cocktail. Don't worry if the only experience you have making drinks is cracking open a cold beer....this drink is easy enough for everyone!

Mint Mojito Sparkler (makes 2 large martini glass full)
3 shots Light Rum (Bacardi)
20 fresh mint leaves
2 tsp sugar  + extra to coat rims
1 lime + 2 wheels to garnish 
1 c plain or lemon lime seltzer

1) In a drink shaker, add the mint, ice, juice of 1 lime and 2 tsp sugar - either muddle or place cap on and shake vigorously
2) Add rum and mix till frothy
3) Rub rim of martini glass with lime rind - dip into sugar to coat
4) Carefully strain 1/2 of mixture into each glass and top with seltzer
5) Garnish with lime & fresh sprig of mint