Thursday, December 10, 2009

12/10/09- Tree Trimming Latke Party

This weekend starts the holiday of Hannukah but since I have some plans I decided to have some people over to help decorate the tree and enjoy some holiday festivities. The brisket that I made for the last holiday (Rosh Hashanah...which we also celebrated on our own schedule) was just so good and the weather so cold that I couldn't help but cook it again. I started it last night and let it sit and cool while I was sleeping/at work today then heated it back up right in the same pan (enameled cast iron) after slicing it against the grain.

I used the same recipe as I did for Rosh Hashanah however since I made (with some real life jewish help) latkes, which are traditional potato pancakes I didn't make the sweet potatoes and carrots. After using the mandolin to matchstick about 3 lb of potatoes I realized that the food processor I had just received for my birthday was much better suited to the job. So I re-shredded everything and added a lot more matzoh and flour than I expected. They were a big hit with everyone, however, so I think that it all worked out.

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5 lb first cut brisket
2 can beef broth
1 c sherry
1 tbsp oil
salt, pepper and "steakhouse" herb grinder blend
1 c raisins

1) In a large dutch over heat oil. Pat brisket dry and season all sides with salt, pepper, and herb blend.
2) Sear each side of the brisket (about 7 min each side)
3) Add liquids and place in 350F oven for 3 hrs covered - add raisins for last hour
4) Meat should be ready to shred but still solid - remove from heat and leave uncovered to cool
5) Refrigerate over night
6) Skim fat off and remove meat from liquid and slice against the grain.
7) Return meat to pan, cover and heat at 350F for at least 1 hr

Potato Latkes
6 med russet potatoes (about 3 lbs)
1 onion
2 eggs
4 tbsp matzoh meal
4 tbsp flour
salt & pepper

1 c vegetable oil (for frying)
apple sauce
sour cream

1) Using a food processor (or large holes in a grater) shred the potatoes and onion
2) In a large bowl mix eggs, potato, onion and matzoh together - add flour until it becomes tacky enough to form clumps, season with salt & pepper
3) In a frying pan with hot oil, place about 2 tbsp of mixture, repeat in clockwise direction (I could fit like 5 in the pan at once but it all depends on your pan size)
4) After about 5 min, gently flip over
5) Remove from oil and absorb excess oil on a paper towel
6) Serve hot with side of applesauce and/or sour cream

(if you want to get creative you can add carrot or sweet potato as well)