Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday 7/8/09 - Buffalo Chicken Fajitas

We went on another run tonight so by the time I got dinner on the table we were a bit no pictures but I think everyone knows what a fajita looks like!
I used 3 chicken breasts sliced on the bias to make nice flat slices, with a green pepper, red pepper and 2 small texas sweet onion (from the CSA). The mixture was seasoned with some salt, pepper and a few dashes of Frank's Red Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce. I served it with some left over salad and of course 2% mexican cheese blend, sour cream and salsa. Yesterday at Fairway I noticed they are now selling a medium size tortilla wrap which was perfect - the large burrito size ones are a bit big but the small ones just don't cut it... I felt like the medium ones were perfect!

Jeremy was excited cause there was enough for at least two more fajitas left over.... lunch tomorrow!