Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday 7/7/09 - Another Lobster bake... this time with corn

So I was in Fairway today after work and I noticed that lobsters were on sale for $5.98/lb! I hadn't noticed that in the circular (since I make sure to check it out online when I am planning my menu before heading out) but I couldn't say no!

It was a pretty easy cook this time... no freaking out when it started to move. I ended up getting 2 doz little necks and 2 1.75lb lobsters to add to the potatoes and corn I had at home. This time I got to make a real lobster bake! I steamed everything in a beer, 1 onion rough chopped, a few garlic scapes diced and about a cup of water. It took about 15-20 min total. The only seasoning I added was some old bay seasoning on the potatoes and some salt/pepper/butter on the corn.... and it was delicious! Jeremy used a little melted butter on the lobster meat again but I love them as is!

We even had fancy new crackers to use this time so no hammer needed at the dinner table. Definitely movin' on up!

My only issue was that I also bought a pork tenderloin on sale for $3.69 or so and it ended up with a sticker for sirloin steak at $12 something! I wished I had noticed that before I got back to JC.... kinda negates my advance planning for camping in a few weeks by buying when there was a sale