Thursday, March 3, 2011

Eggs Benedict vs Bacon, Egg and Cheese.... why choose when you can have both?

The ultimate brunch food is Eggs Benedict....soft, gooey soft boiled eggs with a creamy, rich Hollandaise Sauce. This is the perfect mix of decadence and simplicity. Poached eggs can sometimes be difficult to make at home but they don't need to be! If you add just a splash of white vinegar to the water when poaching the eggs they come out perfect every time - no need for crazy stirring or special containers. This time I skipped the lux Hollandaise sauce and stuck to a simple preparation that was just as satisfying (while saving quite a few calories).

This Poached Egg is served on top of a toasted round of wheat bread with some pepper jack cheese, slices of thick cut bacon and a perfectly cooked egg.... with a yolk ready that is ready to spill out with just the lightest touch of your fork! Just a simple sprinkle of salt and pepper tops it off for the perfect breakfast treat in only 5 minutes.