Saturday, April 17, 2010

4/12/10 - Marsala Mushroom topped Risotto with Scallops

Lately, I have been a little lazy. While there are many grocery stores nearby, I have put off visiting them and instead decided to live only on take out. Its funny because I am never really satisfied with takeout and usually end up feeling ripped off when I take the food quality vs the price into consideration. Yet, every so often I find myself flipping through the usual menus and asking "Do you want Chinese, Sushi, Mexican....?"  Its times like these where something like FreshDirect probably would make a lot of sense for me since its not that I don't want to cook, its just that I don't feel like dealing with the store.  I have gone as far as checking out the circular and even making a list but that last step....oh well, maybe tomorrow! 
This dinner was made from the last of my fresh veggies (mushrooms) and some scallops I had frozen from a sale a few weeks back. The risotto is a pantry staple dressed up with cheese (Parmesan) and herbs which are also ever present in my fridge. (And hopefully soon my window sill garden - this time there are actual leaves!)