Sunday, February 16, 2014

Recycled DVD rack for Laundry Storage

After so many years of not having laundry in my apartments I am so happy that I have not only a washer/dryer in my condo but a really nice new stacking one! The only problem is the furnace and water heater are right by its side which doesn't leave room for my detergents. I up-cycled  a CD/DVD holder that was from IKEA into a laundry tower that fits in the smallest spaces. You could probably even fit this in most of those laundry "closets" that are found in many city condos.

I do have some additional space in my laundry/utility room but I still need to work on downsizing a bit more. I am going to be working on the shelving unit that is mounted on the wall (but one shelf is broken from too much weight!).  For now I do have a whole bunch of tub containers stacked up 2 high to make a work surface for my laundry baskets on the other side of the washer/dryer. It isn't perfect but its better than it was before this weekend.

This was a simple re-purposing that just took a few minutes to finish but makes a big impact in saved time every day. I just changed the shelf height to accommodate the height of the different detergents,  dryer sheets and other cleaning items. It was just lucky that the large detergent bottles fit perfectly in the unit! This eliminates the need to open and close the washer and dryer to pass by them and get to my supplies which just makes something that is already a chore just a little bit easier to get done.