Saturday, February 12, 2011


A few days before my final holiday party of the year (Jan 15th) I stumbled upon a recipe for a traditional Swedish Glogg. I have actually had the pleasure of being in Sweden around Christmas time and attending a traditional celebration (what ever you do be careful with the aquavit!) so I knew that this would be a fun drink to serve my guests. I was lucky to have most of the spices on hand from baking so a quick trip to the liquor store was all I needed. While there are a few time consuming steps needed this isn't very complicated and it is definitely a fun drink for the cold weather. You may be tempted to just dump everything into one pot and let it just simmer together but taking the time to make the brandy caramelize is definitely worth it! After spending most of our holiday season digging out from snow storm after snow storm it was wonderful to come inside to a hot cup of this "medicine".

This recipe will make about 5 x 750 ml bottles of glogg but don't worry, if you aren't having a party you can always bottle it and store it as it ages very well. In fact, if everyone is a good girl and boy next year this might replace the annual cookie baking that I do for gifts and turn things up a notch! One warning - this is highly alcoholic - despite its sweet taste and spicy warmness it has a kick..... so make sure you have a glass of water and a few advils before bed if you find your self "taste-testing" it too often throughout the night. If you want to combine baking with Glogg making you can always use the fruit that has been strained out in the end to make a delicious bread - just be careful to remove all of the spices as it isn't fun to bite into a chunk of cinnamon stick!

click through for the recipe! 

1.5L dry red wine
1.5 L American port
750 ml brandy
5-6 cinnamon sticks (cracked open to expose more area)
15 cardamom seed pods
2 dozen whole cloves
1 orange peel, whole and washed
1/2 C dark raisins
2 C sugar
Garnish with the peel of another orange

1) Prepare the spices by cracking the cardamon seed pods and  breaking up the cinnamon stick
2) Add the red wine to a stainless steel or porcelain pot (do not use aluminum or copper) - add the cinnamon, cardamon, cloves, orange peel and raisins - cover and let simmer

3) In a small stainless or porcelain pot, add the sugar to half the brandy and dissolve over low heat - stir till it becomes a golden syrup
4) After about 15 min, large bubble should be forming in the brandy mix which will be the start of the carmelization that gives a really rich flavor to the drink 

5) Add the brandy mix to the wine blend and let simmer for about 1 hour
6) Strain out all solids before serving and garnish with a fresh orange wedge and cinnamon stick